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‘Tis’ the season to be jolly, and BlackWashed wants our ebony men/women to be aware of the most common Christmas decorations among the African American community. Below we curated a list of 5 things let’s take a look shall we!

Nut cracker
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  1. The Traditional Nutcracker

If you grew up in an Afrocentric family for the holidays, you most likely seen your grandparents with this nutcracker. It gives the kids a sense of royalty when looking at it and makes them feel good about them being African American.

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2. Afrocentric Diva Wreath

Many black women will definitely keep a diva wreath on the door for the holidays. This wreath is so powerful and uplifting amongst the black women. It also looks great with the gems/jewels and embellishments.

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3. Black Religious Ornaments

Nothing is more cool for a little black girl or boy to go to the Christmas tree and see little ornaments that look just like them. Most of these ornaments will be found as angels or Santa’s helpers. These are extremely cute!

Tree top
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4. Ethnic Tree Toppers

when it comes to decorating the trees, using traditional tactics can’t be done. To feel more inclusive for the holidays most black parents remove the star at the top of the tree and replace it with a little black angel. Now that’s what you call making your own lane!

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5. Black Santa Figures

Last but not least the African American community enjoys seeing a Santa that resembles them for the holidays. You may see a couple of these little Santa figures in a couple of African Americans houses for the holidays.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list and seen somethings you haven’t seen before or get some decorating ideas 💡 to be aware of more upcoming holiday curations and more subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to follow our twitter @blackwashed1 and our insta @blackwashed_1