BlackWashed wanted to give our respect to a great actress and loving mother, which is Lauren London. This black queen recently went through a tragic time due to her rap star boyfriend being gunned down, back in March in front of his own store. It was a very tragic time for ebony men and women, but through it all Lauren pushes through. Now she is back to finish off what Nipsey started with a TMC collab, lets get started with her new Puma campaign in honor of Nipsey, shall we!

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Last week, London released a emotional advertisement, which also included Nipsey Hussle’s famous quotes. The advertisement featured a campaign called “Forever Stronger” and is a tribute to her lost of Nipsey. This campaign also showed us how Lauren prevails through the trying time and will always be strong for her and her kids.

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Before the death of Hussle, his clothing store, “The Marathon” partnered with Puma, but the collection launched six months after nipsey passed, and Lauren is continuing the trilogy. She also recited poems from nipsey’s sister Samantha Smith.

Lauren London fans were ecstatic about how powerful this movement was and how strong she is as a woman after this tragedy. Pain hurts deep but it’s about channeling that energy and empowering others and rising above it! Stay strong and see you guys soon for the holidays, also follow our insta @blackwashed_1 and twitter account @blackwashed