Black Washed is excited to talk about the Houston Texas native Megan Thee Stallion. We love seeing a black queen win and break barriers, recently she was honored at the 2019 billboards annual women in music event. Megan whose full name is Megan Pete will soon be celebrated for “women empowerment” right alongside legendary singer Alicia Keys. We have noticed Megan fast rise to fame, and we wanted to do a article strictly on her come up. Lets get started shall we!

Megan Thee Stallion first got her rise to fame in 2018 with her EP Tina Snow , which is her alter ego. The #1 hit off of her EP, that took her career to a new level was the song “Big Ol’ Freak”. Shortly after the release she signed to 300 Entertainment in November of that year, and was the only female holding it down for the label. Megan dropped her first full length album called “Fever“, which gave her a lot of buzz for 2019. The album had hit songs like ‘Realer”, and “Cash Sh*t” ( featuring DaBaby).

Whether you know her for the raunchy raps, twerking, or her hot girl summer slogan, many people can’t help but like Thee Stallion for her charming personality and music. Many celebs love her and she always show her appreciation by letting anyone drive the boat in her words. With all of this success though she never lets that get in the way of her education, yes ebonies you can be a superstar and still stay in school, she attends Texas Southern University for health administration.

With all of this success she always shows love to her mother, who inspired her to become the woman we know and love today. Her mother passed away, in March of this year due to a brain tumor. Her mother is the angel watching over her shoulder because Megan is constantly receiving blessings. A couple of days ago she was honored at Billboards for the 14th annual women’s music gala. Alicia Keys, Rosalia and Megan will be honored on the 12th of this month for women empowerment. Megan will be receiving the powerhouse award, which means that Megan is a vital voice in the singer/ songwriter world and has an dynamic stage presence!

Congratulations to this queen and hopefully you are inspired to do what you love and to reach impactful goals. For more celeb news like this make sure you subscribe to our blog and follow our social media pages, Twitter @blackwashed1 and insta @blackwashed_1