Kamala Devi Harris name has been ringing a lot here lately, especially since the election for 2020 is right around the corner. Harris accepted the challenge of possibly becoming the first black woman as president in the United States. Black Washed wanted to give you a little back story of how this came about, and also why she dropped out of the race on December 3rd, 2019. Lets get started shall we!

Kamala Harris was born and raised in Oakland California, she graduated from Harvard University and after went to the University of California for law school. Later on in 2004 she became an district attorney for San Francisco. During that time she fought for rights of the LGBTQ community and hate crimes in general. She was honored in 04′ for being the “most powerful woman” by the National Urban League. Harris was also spotted in 2013 at one of the pride parades.

This queen didn’t stop at being San Francisco’s district attorney, she became the U.S Senate in 2016. During the fight for the senate position she beat out the original senate (Barbara Boxer), that held the position for 24 years and wanted to retire. Later she started a fundraiser that was based in Washington DC and California, and she received $2.5 million for the campaign. As time went on she continued to develop followers and many wanted her to be casted into the election. With her being a democrat she received funding from Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2015.

She started to gain massive attention as she continued to fight for the presidential seat. The people loved what she stood for, she spoke on the unjust of the LGBTQ community, child predators, unjust laws, easy access to medical, death penalty, disaster relief, cannabis and so on. Many of the other democratic seen her and wanted to help her get ahead, but if she had so much support why did she drop out of the election? She simply ran out of financial support due to her struggle with the polls. She told her team that she lacked the money that she needed for a proper campaign. Harris did let on through emails that even though she dropped out of the race she is still in the fight, and will do anything in her power to undermine Donald Trump.

Kamala is an ambitious woman and even though she had to take a step back and re evaluate the election she will not be silenced. As a black woman you need to see other women like Kamala that push through those barriers, so hopefully this inspired you to never give up and push though. For more stories like this make sure you follow our instagram @blackwashed_1 and our twitter @blackwashed1. Make sure you subscribe and follow this site and comment below.