We all know that black people in general, are one of the main trendsetters when it comes to urban culture. Lately, the black culture has been getting a lot of recognition for hairstyles and fashion. Black Washed has noticed, that ebony women have had the best breakthrough of 2019. Black women have been killing the fashion industry, and showing off their natural beauty in various ways. We actually have a list of seven trends that were influenced by black women.

  1. Makeup For Ebony Skin Tones

Makeup companies before the last couple of years did not show ebony queens any diversity when it came to beauty products. The shades were all ashy and either extremely light or extremely dark, it was no in between. Other ethnicities were able to get great undertone colors and variety of foundation options. They also could choose from different companies without the hassle of feeling left out. Recently since the launch of Fenty Beauty and other black owned makeup companies, the industry has started to follow the trend of creating multiple shades for women of color. Most companies saw the profit was extremely high after watching Rihanna become a billionaire from her cosmetic line. Now when you look at what used to be predominately non – black, beauty companies incorporate black models and more options.

2. Natural Hair

Black women hair has been a big topic since forever, and black women have switched their styles up numerous of times. In the 60’s and 50’s black women wore the perms and in the 70’s they rocked the natural afro. Around the 90’s and the 2000’s the ebonies started wearing sew ins or braids. Now in 2019 there are more celebs reverting back to the natural fro and braids. This also comes in handy for mainstream companies to show diversity in the fashion industry. Most black models who gets into modeling gigs, normally have a natural hairstyle. Even out of race women are intrigued by the look and also wear braids, a mock fro, or bantu knots.

3. Tribal Fashions

Tribal fashion has taken a huge turn in the fashion industry with models walking the runaway in newly designed attire. Some mainstream designers like Valentino also copied the look on fashion runways and so on, and LV created a tribal mask clutch. African men and women were the originators of tribal wear, but now many other races like the boldness that it shows and wear the garments too. Black men and women wore the dashikis as a statement for african roots and culture but others liked the look and adopted it as trendy.

4. BBW’S/ Big Butts

It’s no hidden fact that black queens have always been know for a round/ big derrière. This has became a high standard in the music and daily culture for women to have the biggest butt possible. How did this become trendy? well we could say by a black rapper named Nicki Minaj. Nicki was the face of having a huge bottom and made others want to enhance their shape. Now women of all races are getting butt jobs and embracing women with more curves than others. The industry is promoting plus size and marketing towards curvier women. Before people would get fat shamed for having a big butt or cellulite. Women of color from the beginning of time has had a curvy shape and now can flaunt it unapologetically.

5. Long Nail lengths and shapes

It’s no secret that black women made the long length nails poppin, all across the world. Ebony queens always liked the acrylic nails with designs and patterns. We can go as far back as Janet Jackson with the pierced nail back in the 80’s. The new trendy style for the different shapes of the nails were brought to the forefront too because of them. The shapes that are trending today for nails are: almond, coffin, stiletto and square. Many ebonies prefer a long, nice cut, and airbrushed look. A olympian named Florence Joyner was recognized, for her amazing sprints, but also for her colorful nails in the 80’s. Nails is more than just a fashion statement it’s a way of expression.

6. Urban Style Clothing – For Women

Black people in general set trends in urban street wear, it’s obviously shown in the predominately black neighborhoods. In the music industry ebonies dominate the clothing trends with the big hoops, graphic tees/hats, crop tops and so on. This started way back in the day with African American women setting their own lane with clothing. Speaking of black girl magic, the swag of these women will never quit!

7. Hip Hop Dances

We saved the best topic for last because this has become a very controversial thing in the past couple of years. Twerking, grinding, popping, and any other form of that nature has become a huge trend in the new era. We can’t forget that black women have been doing all of this since the first creation of ebonies. It wasn’t always a overly sexualized thing though, it actually started in Africa as a traditional dance amongst tribes, but eventually as time went on it became a thing that black women did on their man or to please a man. Ebonies were taunted for years dancing in black men music videos for being ghetto and nasty. Now in the new era there are classes being taught to teach women how to do the dance all over the world. Many non black women such as: Miley Cyrus, Iggy, and many others have been praised for emulating the same dance as many black women were criticized for.

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