When it comes to great food selections Black Washed has you covered, we have took the liberty to curate a list of 5 black owned restaurants. Your mouth will be drooling by some of the great food that they offer. The best thing about this list is that, majority of these restaurants are owned by black women. When know how quick black entrepreneurs are sprouting in our communities, and its hard to keep track, hopefully by the end of this post you will see some great places you want to check out.

  1. Batters and Berries, a restaurant that is based in Chicago Illinois. This place serves brunch, lunch and breakfast. They are known for their delicious french toast flight that combines fruits and their hand crafted butter and syrup. The restaurant was founded by a black woman named Dr. Tanya Richardson. If your into a delicious brunch and is tired of the same old international house of pancakes, when your in Chicago make that trip to Batters and Berries.

2. KrabQueenz Seafood, is a seafood restaurant that was started by BlameitonKway who is a famous Instagram comedian. The restaurant is known for their famous Daiquiris, shrimps and crabs. He started his rise to fame by making a series of videos and dressing up as his female counter part Ti Ti. Now he has opened his own seafood restaurant first starting in Houston Texas, and recently opening up a location in Los Angeles. If you are in anyone of those cities then you should definitely check it out!

3. Brown Sugar Kitchen, an Oakland CA native restaurant is another place to go to if you love brunch/ breakfast. This place is known for its famous style of soul food. Tanya, a black woman from France opened up a restaurants based off of her food traditions from her family. Now her restaurant is placed by the Ferry Building and is giving others a chance to get some delicious food.

4. Savoy Bar and Grill, is a very good choice for cheap but tasty seafood and chicken wings with lemon pepper. This restaurant is based in Atlanta, GA so if your visiting family or just on a vacation definitely try this place out. This restaurant also keep you entertained with live performances, parties and events.

5. Black Nile , a seafood and soulfood resturant located in Brooklyn, NY. This restaurant wants to help their customer eat non processed food and to help the customers see the change in their hair, skin , and overall health due to this. Their specialties is the fried chicken and the seafood. If you stay in the empire state or is just stopping by make sure you go to this restaurant.

I know how hard it is to actually find black owned resturants because you don’t really hear about that a lot. Black Washed will always keep you updated and if you want to continue to find out new things with us than follow and subscribe to this blog page and our instagram and Twitter at black_washed1. Stay curious and stay healthy!