Arkeisha Antoinette Knight aka Kash Doll recently dropped her highly anticpated album named “Stacked” which had some superb features that consisted of: Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Summer Walker and so on. Since her breakthrough album release “For Everybody” she has been releasing singles and albums that has gave her continuos notoriety.

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Even though this week has been a great triumph for her she still had plenty of obstacles that stood in her way due to this album release. One of the major things was the album release date was pushed back because of her licensing and signing to Republic Records. Upon release she also stated that she experienced colorism in the entertainment biz, which ultimately stopped her from getting a beat for one of her songs on the album.

Since the release of her album critics and fans have been raving about her “KD Diary” song. She recently did an interview on The Breakfast Club and stated, “It’s sort of like my autobiography explaining what I went through before the music”. She also explained the named of her album and the double meaning it can have. You can think its about her curvy shape or about her successes that are stacked on top of each other.

Kashdoll talked about her being an exotic dancer before her rapping days and how she overcame those challenges. She want to empower women to still be a boss even though it seems like there is no way out of your situation. Make sure you guys keep that in mind to always strive for more when your going through hard times. There is light at the end of the tunnel, also for more success stories like this with our black queens follow @blackwash on IG and Twitter!