Trendy rapper Kimberly Denise Jones, A.K.A Lil’ Kim has received the Icon award at 2019’s “BET Hip Hop Awards“. Since the boiling beef between her and Nicki Minaj in 09′, she has been striving for a massive return, and has finally got the recognition she deserves.

In the beginning she started out in Brooklyn New York and in her teens grew a love for rapping. She teamed up with Notorious B.I.G and signed to Junior M.A.F.I.A. Once she was apart of the rap crew she dropped her first solo album named “Hardcore”, which rose her to a high celebrity status. In recent years since her rise to fame she has gotten into a heavy beef with the female rapper named Nicki Minaj. This beef escalated because she felt that the Trinidadian rapper was trying to steal her style. In those times the media wasn’t too happy with Kim outburst and started to discredit her.

Now in 2019 she has done the unthinkable in making her return. Earlier in the year she created a hit TV show called Girl Cruise with fellow iconic artists such as the singer Maya, and Chili from the TLC music group. Later in the year she teamed up with the high end fashion clothing line called MCM. After that she announced her new album that has dropped called “9”.

The reviews on the album “9” has sparked many praises all across the world. She has some of the best collaborations and hit singles already such as Pray For Me feat. Rick Ross and Music Soul Child. Not too mention she has been putting in all this hard work while being a mother of her daughter named Royal Reign. This is just the beginning of the queen return.

Even though Kim went through a lot in the last couple of years she prevailed because no one stays down forever. Don’t give up ladies and live in your truth. The world is what you make it, for more info about other black queens in the modern day stay aware of our post and follow our IG account @blackwashed1 also on Twitter at @blackwashed1. Don’t forget to comment below with feedback!